Elevate your customer experience with Cerulean Insights.

Everything we do is focused on

engaging your audience

to make your brand more impactful.


Positioning brands to thrive in the experience economy.

Consumers today expect more out of brands.
They want to be stakeholders.
They want to be partners.
They want to be heard.

They want an experience.
Through the lens of the customer experience, we help companies form deeper connections with their customers.  We consider ourselves an extension the customer, seeking ways to improve the interactions between companies and the people they serve.

Adam Hoette is the founder of Cerulean Insights. Throughout his career in sales and marketing roles, he saw first-hand how the customer experience could be utilized to create stronger relationships. Adam launched the company to share his passion for marketing by helping brands become more connected and relevant to their customers.

We’ll bite off as much – or as little – as you need. Want some help mapping out your customer journey? Need a company blog and good content? Looking for a knowledgeable speaker for your event?

If it’s related to the way you interact with your customers, we can help. We love what we do.

We’d love to show you why.


Consulting. Speaking. Writing. Events.

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