What kind of customer experience are you offering?  What do customers really say and think about your business?

We’ll help you answer these questions – and more.

Cerulean Insights offers business consulting aimed at elevating your company’s customer experience.  By utilizing the unique personality and value proposition of your business, we work to ensure that your brand is perceived by the market as a leading, customer-focused organization.

Our approach is to provide your company with a fresh, independent set of eyes.  We want to learn about the organization and all of the ways that it reaches customers – from initial customer contact to transaction to follow up. More than just providing you with a set of best practices, we will provide you with actionable feedback – the good and bad.  We will help you improve your engagement with your customers by providing you with the feedback and tools to send a consistent, customer-centric message to the market. Some of the steps we’ll take include:

  • Analysis of all customer touch points – before, during, and after the transaction
  • Interviews with company personnel
  • Interviews with customers
  • Analysis of market visibility – how do customers find you?
  • Development of benchmarks and KPIs for customer outreach
  • Presentation of printed report of all findings, complete with grades in each category
  • Recommendations and action items for improvement