What is the one thing that all consumer-centric companies have in common?  A vibe.

A vibe, quite simply, is the feeling that draws customers to a company.  More specifically, it’s why they keep coming back.  It’s the customer-facing portion of a business, which is to say the portion that customers will most readily identify with.  It’s what they see, touch, taste, and feel.

Creating the right vibe doesn’t happen by accident.  It’s a very intentional process where all aspects of the customer’s interaction with a brand are identified.  It combines what is most unique about a company with what its customers are looking for when they engage with it.

If you were a customer of your company, why would you do business with you?  What is compelling about your offerings, above and beyond the features and benefits your products offer?

The stuff a company sells will only get it so far.  Remember, customers can likely go down the street and get something very similar, if not exactly the same.  With that in mind, have you ever consciously thought about your vibe?

Looking at some of the world’s leading brands, it’s easy to see that companies pay a lot of attention to vibe.  Shopping at Target is a much different experience than walking into Wal-Mart.  Eating at Chipotle is different than eating at Qdoba.  The comparisons could go on and on.  The point is this – even though these organizations offer much the same in the way of products, they’ve deliberately chosen to offer a vibe that is unique.

Your unique vibe is what will truly set you apart, so don’t shy away from finding it.  As customers seek to more closely identify with the companies from whom they buy, it can literally pay to find yours.