Presentations designed to educate and inspire action.

If your company, trade show, or industry event is in need of a speaker, consider Cerulean Insights.  Adam’s keynote presentations are the perfect way to educate your audience on the value of the experience economy.  See below for our menu of presentation offerings, which would be tailored to fit the trends in your particular industry.

Here’s a sampling of our keynotes:
The Experience Difference  Why having a top-notch customer experience is now essential for your organization.

Understand what the experience economy is and what impact it is having on organizations in every industry.

  • How the experience economy is changing the business landscape
  • Why top companies have made customer experience their next battleground for building a competitive advantage
  • Examples of CX in action
  • Strategies for immediately implementing a CX strategy in your organization
A Shift in Expectations  How changing consumer interests and expectations are influencing how companies must compete.

Understand and utilize how today’s customers make decisions in order to engage with them for maximum effectiveness.

  • The evolution of customer decision-making
  • What customers now expect from their companies
  • How to use customer experience to avoid the commodity trap
  • What leading companies are doing to address this changing dynamic
Human, Inc.  Why companies must embrace the humanity and individuality of their organizations to more effectively reach their customers.

Understand why companies today must connect with their customers on a deeper, more personal level than ever before.

  • How companies can leverage their uniqueness to create differentiation
  • Why giving employees the freedom to make judgement calls is so successful
  • Trends and examples of companies utilizing this approach
  • How empathy and vulnerability play into the experience economy